Employee Disengagement

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Executives often wonder how engaged their employees are in their organization. However, isn’t it physically impossible to measure employee engagement? So, how can a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or even a manager evaluate their employees to understand if everyone is engaged and committed in their workforce? Employee engagement is not as simple as it sounds. Many believe that employee engagement simply means having happy employees. However, it is a much more complex issue than just happy employees. This report will look at how to motivate your employees, the positive and negative outcomes employee engagement has with engaged workers, as well as the key elements to employee engagement.
As a manager within an organization it can be challenging to keep your employees engaged and motivated. There are many factors, beyond the control of management, that play a role as to why many employees are disengaged. In these ghastly economic times, when organizations are consistently downsizing, many employees feel that the organization as a whole does not care about them as individuals. “It is essential to communicate with employees and create an environment where they feel involved” (Walker, 2012, p.257).What benefits can a well-motivated employee, or a group of engaged workers, bring to an organization? They bring better productivity, as a motivated employee can produce astonishing quality of work. When an employee is motivated, they engage better in their job performance, contribute more ideas and participate more in their everyday tasks. They can engage in their work better, and help the organization move forward as a team and succeed. When an engaged worker is participating in their everyday tasks, they are being the employee th...

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... main objective, which would be to help the organization succeed. When one employee is confident in the organization, they often become the leader of the group and other employees will confine in them to become more engaged in their tasks as well as to become more motivated. A disengaged employee can bring down employee morale within the entire organization, as well as negatively affect the organizations profits and reputation. This is because when an employee does not engage in their job performance it brings down the entire workforce. One negative employee can affect the quality of work that other team members produce, because employees feed off one another ambiances and when one person does not have a constructive mood, other employees mood changes, and then essentially you have an organization that went from being ahead in its department to a downward spiral.
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