Essay On Employee Engagement

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Best Industry Practices In Assessing Employee Engagement
Companies across the globe are pooling resources to design and administer effective engagement policies for their employees. However, Implementing the action planning process and maintaining levels of engagement is the real challenge.
High performing organizations have employees who take an active part in understanding their company’s business strategy and operating goals, also contributing towards their success.
Employees in high-performing organizations understand their company's business strategy and operating goals, and most importantly, what they need to do to contribute to their success. Equally important is that they genuinely want—and are able to—take ownership of challenges and find solutions.
Employee engagement has an integral element based upon connect between the vision of an organization and the employees working there. Successful companies strive on their vision to create a healthy organizational culture, enabling them to continuously innovate and generate maximum efficiency from their employees. As said by noted speaker Simon Sinek, “Employees who have a strong attachment to their company vision, have much greater propensity to work harder and inclination towards the growth of the company”. For e.g. Apple Inc. has a strong organizational culture ingrained within its every employee, which motivates them to think innovatively and create revolutionary products. Unless the employees do not find that connect for their organization, it is difficult for them to work passionately for their organizational goals.
Engaging Leadership and employees of an organization
Managers can build and maintain strong relationships at the employee level by:
➢ Leading and coaching em...

... middle of paper ... believing in organizations future goals.
Utilizing the power of teamwork
Team leaders across the world are focusing on basic elements such as instilling trust within their employee teams so that each employee can work with each other and share work effectively; It not only builds effective employee relationships but also helps in reducing conflicts. Finally effective leaders know the importance of increasing collaborative efforts within employees by frequent interaction and valuing their opinions helps in
Emphasizing upon core values and leadership skills, while hiring people in organizations.
World’s leading high engagement organizations hire for leadership potential as expressed in individual values that align with core organizational values. Finding employees who will fit into the company’s culture is more important than hiring based on work role competency.
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