Electric Cars Can Make United States More Competitive And Environmentally Cleaner

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Electric car is vehicle that is derived by at least one electric motor. It turns electric energy stored in rechargeable batteries into movement. Electric cars can make United States more competitive and environmentally cleaner. Electric cars kill many birds by one stone: less pollution, environmental security, reliable, and deflate oil demand. However, the government should subsidize them by reducing registration penalties, and encourage companies that are producing electric cars; for example, the pluses of these cars extend to several areas, and they deserve government support. Electric cars have many plans for a healthy environment. They produce lower greenhouse gases. The government should give people motivation to buy electric cars, and be a part of the green living society. In addition, an electric car creates clean air by its emission free. For example, Tesla’s Li-on batteries don’t contain toxic combination or solid materials. It is more efficient at turning energy into movement, and its engine is efficient three times more than regular engine. An electric car is silent to drive, and it gets better mileage. Electric cars don’t emit any smoke from the back or anywhere, profiting the environment for everyone. In addition, petrol and especially diesel engines can be raucous, an electric engine not. It also gives you a chance to enjoy your music a bit more, and it provides quiet acceleration. Electric engines don’t have as many moving parts and don’t need all the fluids petrol and diesel engines need so there is a reduced risk of failure. Oil, gearbox fluid and antifreeze are among the things electric engines don’t need. As a car gets older, these things happen more often; not the case with elec... ... middle of paper ... ...ectively comes down to $27.5K; a difference of $1,500, which will more than be made up for in fuel savings over 5 years. Also, the LEAF can be leased for around $380 per month with a $2,500 down payment”. We notice that electric cars are available to all social classes not only for rich people. The argument that electric cars are too expensive to buy them is not always true. Electric cars are even more economical on medium term, because they don’t require oil change or fossil fuels. Moreover, they will cost less in future like smart phones or any new technologies; It is only a matter of time. As drivers, we must adapt with life variables, and support new inventions. Finally, the United States government has a good opportunity to develop future transportation, boost the economy, and protect environment. All those things can be realized by subsidizing electric cars.

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