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Problem Statement
As humans delve into the twenty-first century, scientific research continues at an exponentially increasing rate. While the work of researchers seems to affect people in positive ways, the common debate among the general population is whether or not there is a limit to how far scientists can take their research and impact the future of society. The changes that scientists induce upon society often escape foresight, such as diseases, dangerous paints, and other products that do not pass the test of time. One big issue that is fiercely debated is how to go about switching to alternative-fuel-source automobiles, given that the world’s supply of oil will run dry relatively soon. The electric car seems to be the best candidate as a replacement for the moment, but many people are still weary about completely discarding the trusty internal combustion engine for an invention barely as old as the people who will buy them. The electric fuel is promising, but it has not been around long enough to undergo the test of time needed for mass acceptance. Here the more direct question arises: is the electric car the solution to a more economically responsible car?
Being a member of the future generation of innovators and leaders, I feel that this research combined with my fascination of automobiles could lead to a clearer understanding of how I can help improve the automobile. In a world that is highly connected by roads, if the problem of using petroleum-based fuels is not solved, the entire gas-guzzling world could come to a standstill. This apocalyptic halt would cease all travel and we would be thrown back to a more primitive standing. However, if we research and find an alternative ahead of time, we would be able to transiti...

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...t of the electric car for the economic and practical benefits that would reinvigorate the country and make life easier for everyone. Upon revisiting the original question to this essay, the electric car is a worthy solution to our energy crisis and proves to be an economically responsible car. Its long-term cost savings outweighs easily improved flaws. However, in order to better understand the work done by scientists, research must be done specifically on the predecessors to the electric car and determine how those have stood the test of time. This will be done in order to help predict how the electric car will survive in the world. The future may always have a hint of uncertainty, but if scientists, governments, and drivers implement the new car with care, the goal of a smooth transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources can finally be achieved.

In this essay, the author

  • Compares the cost of electric fuel versus petroleum-based fuel, and explains that electric vehicles are cheaper than gasoline.
  • Opines that electric vehicles could benefit those who commute less than that distance every day. chevrolet has already taken the initiative with its volt fully electric car, which has the driving range of existing hybrid cars.
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