Essay about The Effects Of Video Games On Teens

Essay about The Effects Of Video Games On Teens

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“Adverse Effects of Playing Violent Video Games”
Can playing violent video games have detrimental effects on teens? According to an article by M. Lee and Laura Finley entitled “Video Games Are Addictive and Promote Irresponsible Behavior” the authors’ claim, “Research shows disturbing links between exposure to violent video games and desensitization to violence in the real world "(Lee M. and Laura Finley). In other words the article confirms that video game violence can have negative social and emotional effects on adolescents. It can be asserted that playing video games has benefits, such as improved hand and eye coordination, and encouraging prompt decision making. However, the negative effects of violent video game playing far outweigh the positive effects. While nonviolent video games can be beneficial, violent video games are detrimental to young people because playing violent video games causes young people to internalize negative values, remain desensitized to others and socially isolated, and leads to physically aggressive behavior.
To begin with, playing violent video games causes juveniles to internalize negative values. The visual graphics and life like situations that gamers face, makes it difficult to separate fantasy from reality when it comes to making moral decisions. The landscapes of the games encourage gender bias and racial stereo typing.In Michael Marriott’s New York Times article, “The Color of Mayhem” he notes the use of minority characters in video games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas explaining as, “Violent video games underscore a trend depicting minorities in racial stereotypes, including young blacks committing and reveling in street violence” (Marriot). He means to say, that assuming the role of m...

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...mmunity concern has been raised at prolonged and regularly repeated states of adrenalized arousal and hyper-vigilance involving children watching violent videogames and the possible harmful effects on still developing bodies and brains...”(Gruel). Therefore, engaging in aggressive behavior puts teens that play violent video games in a heightened state of physical aggressiveness towards others.
In conclusion, violent video games are detrimental to young people because playing violent video games causes young people to adopt negative values, purposely isolate themselves from their peers, and exhibit physically aggressive behavior towards others. It is important to limit the amount of exposure that teens have to violent video games for their benefit. After all it is easier to prevent the negative effects of violent video game playing, then to try to correct them later!

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