Effects Of The Second Industrial Revolution On The North, South, And West

Effects Of The Second Industrial Revolution On The North, South, And West

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The Second Industrial Revolution was a time in which the United States managed to expand with may new invention, ideas, business which caused a lot of people to be successful. These people managed to grasp on to wealth, and land, which was a social statement of prosperity.
During this time many regular day items that we see today were given “birth” by their inventors. There were many new technologies including the telephone, lightbulb, motion picture camera, microphones, typewriters and many more. Another thing to note is that with the new production of steel, many new items were able to come to existence such as skyscrapers. These new inventions surely did change the way the American population lived, but it varied amongst the regions of the country.
The effects of the Second Industrial Revolution on the North, South, and West were vastly different. In the North there was an increase in factories. Due to the increase in factories, there was also an increase in jobs. This lead to a new flow of immigrants from southern and eastern Europe. These immigrants saw economic opportunity in the new jobs and took it. By stating this, it is easy to assume that the North was far more diverse than the south. Within the North there were also wealthy neighborhoods, and new forms of entertainment. The revolution influenced many people to take a liking to sports, especially baseball. The South, however, was different.
Unlike the North, the Souths economy relied on agriculture primarily, however, several industries were controlled by the south. Railroads, cotton, textiles, iron, and tobacco were huge in the south. With these industries expanding there was a demand for more workers. Urbanization of southern cities actually occurred in cities suc...

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...n were so focused on money that they ignored the well-being of their employees. Long hours, short breaks, and crucial working condition made the working class feel ignored. Surely this was addressed later but the working class did feel as if basic right were denied by their employers.
The revolution made the US a “world industrial power” since it was opening its markets to other countries. Trades such as rubber from Brazil, tobacco, and indigo made international trading possible. Since a lot was being produced in the United States there was international demand for a lot of products made in the US. The USA was also attracting many immigrants meaning a lot of international attention was placed on the country. With the USA leading to be a first world country, especially with so much wealth, many countries knew that trading with the USA would be beneficial.

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