Essay The Effects of the Civil War on the United States

Essay The Effects of the Civil War on the United States

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Civil War Research Paper
​The effects of the Civil War brought about changes in the United States. The country had to answer the question: To what level of moral and ethical conduct do we want Americans to be held? Loyalties were seriously evaluated. People had to decide if they held their loyalty to the country as a whole, their state, their families, or even to humanity as a whole. They had to decide if it was right to own another person, or if the slavery system was justified as a way to keep the Southern economy going. Through all this contemplation, people wrote about their thoughts and fears, and as a result, people abandoned romanticism and became realists. Many writings of the Civil War, whether informational or literary, reflect realism and the effects of war on the individual, communities, and humanity as a whole.
​The Civil War had a great effect on the home life of individuals, and consequently the writing of these individuals greatly changed. People wrote about their struggles and would give vivid details of their experiences during the war. This would give the readers a...

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