The Effects Of Technology On Our Lives Essays

The Effects Of Technology On Our Lives Essays

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Technology has help us humans move towards the future one of the most impactful creations that has become iconic to the way we live allowing us to do things that before would had been considered before impossible to achieve With all of these technical advances made it makes it quite frightening to think about how all of our phones could possibly be exposing people to radiation possibly causing many more problem. And it 's not like phones being dangerous is new occurrence before it was dangerous because of its weight and not so long ago there was incident in which phones were exploding but the one which is considered by many scientists, to be the most dangerous is Radiation. The reason for which radiation is considered to be the most dangerous outcome of having a phone is that unlike other things radiation is capable of multitudes problems with a multiple outcomes. Knowing from what the conductor is there are some effects which appear to be plausible to happen and there is also some groups in which the effects would be more capable to occur radiation and the number one group are children 's secondary is less of a group but a area that has extensive connection with your phone. Further down the possible the line of who this could affectð teens and adult seem to be most adjusted group. It 's quite important to understand the possibilities that can occur to each group through exposure of cellular radiation so that you the caring reader; can know the dangers that it could cause.
As said the most likely group to be affected by the effects of your phone radiation is children. Knowing that all these kids are the prime candidates to be affected by cellular radiation should have you worried specially if you 're a parent yourself. But may...

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... to take control and be more careful. something that should be taken seriously. Now knowing of all the effect that can occur from cellular radiation ranging from short term memory to testicular problem and possibly skin cancer we can now try to be more carefull with them. It 's important to know when to much is enough so that you don 't have to suffer any plausible effects in the future. Taking action now could allow for a better tomor providing for the safety of yourself and those around you; most importantly any children. But it 's not all up to you it 's important that phone companies see the effects that these phones can cause since there making the phones we use and as there customers we should be treated properly and be cared for. A little caring for ourselves could change a lot in our future and could lower how much we have to worry about cellular radiation

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