Essay On Camera Obscura

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Technology is used in many aspects of our life. People today wouldn’t know how to cope without current technologies because we have adapted to live in the digital age.
Not many technologies in the 20th century have had as much impact on our lives as photography/cameras. It is being used worldwide with millions of people using this technology because it’s so easy and accessible.
In the past 20 years most major technological breakthroughs in electronics have really been part of one large breakthrough. All our latest technology like CDs, DVDs, etc. has been built around the process of converting analog information (represented by a fluctuating wave) into digital information. This shift in technology has totally changed how we handle visual and audio information and redefined what’s possible.
Camera Obscura
The name ‘camera obscura’ comes from the latin word ‘darkened room’. The first record of the ‘camera obscura’ has been dated back to Ancient Greece, when ‘Aristole’ noticed how light passing through a small hole into a darkened room produced a picture on the wall.

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