The Effects Of Social Media On Teens Essay

The Effects Of Social Media On Teens Essay

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Social media is a source of communication typically in the form of television, magazines, internet, social networking, and cell phones. It is a platform where the users are given opportunity to share information, and participate in social networking. Erin A. Vogel together with her colleagues, in their article titled “Social Comparison, Social Media, and Self-Esteem”, argued that using social networking websites like Facebook can have a “detrimental effects” on the users’ well-being due to the “upward social comparisons” with others. Their study mainly concentrated on social networking sites, like Facebook, and its effects. Furthermore, Chuck Hadad, in his article “Why some 13 year olds check social media 100 times a day”, explains the harmful effects of social media on teens and he claims that the more teens will look at the social media, the more likely the teens are going to be distressed. This paper focuses on the negative effects of online social networking, and also discusses some benefits of it. Social networking on internet can be addictive, lower our self-esteem, and negatively affect our psychological well-being, especially when we utilize the updates on social network as a norm to define our lifestyle.

Self-esteem can be defined as a person’s positive or negative evaluation of one self. Media frequently portrays their models on a high standard level with fancy cars, money, houses, and perfect body. The messages these images provide do not go away from the minds of the consumers rather they are more likely to apply the same technique, live like a celebrity. Majority of the social networking users post personal information, their feelings, their plans, and pictures

most of the time portraying a glamorous life. As a resu...

... middle of paper ...

...l media, like violent video games, and aggressiveness. Vogel and her colleagues strongly argued that social networking users are more likely to suffer from poor self-esteem, and rate themselves more negatively when they view other social media profiles with positive

contents, active social networks, and an upward comparison target. Moreover, Hadad in his article also described that negative effects of social media on teens such as checking phones constantly, addiction to social media, compulsive behavior, and psychological pressure about what their peer-status is online, and who liked their comments. After analyzing the cost and benefits of social media, I feel, the negative effects of social media outweigh the benefits of it. Since it has the potential to negatively influence its viewer, and users, and indirectly harm innocent people of different age, race, and sex.

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