The Effects Of Secondhand Smoking On Public Schools Essay

The Effects Of Secondhand Smoking On Public Schools Essay

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The Smoking Distance in Public Should Be Actively Reinforced

Places are classified as public when they are open to the public, and such place include but are not limited to schools, elevators, public transportation facilities, museum, concert halls, theatres, auditoriums, educational facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, and indoor sport pitches.
Between 2005 to 2009, nearly 34,000 hearth disease deaths were estimated to be caused by secondhand smoke in adults (Institute of Medicine, 2009). Secondhand smoking has a serious health problem but little attention is paid to it just because its effects are gradual. It is interesting how drinking and driving or texting is of concern to this country and how actively the police ensure that it does not happen because it causes death and accidents. That issue is indeed important but what about the issue that that can cause loss of labor force through diseases and even death? That one too is important but unfortunately, less attention is paid to it but it is time for the law makers of this country to reconsider the cost of the effects of secondhand smoke and actively reinforce laws that have already been made.

I therefore think that the public is ignorant of the effects that inhaling passive smoke has on an individual even though myself and others rather give ourselves the twenty five feet distance in order to protect ourselves because we know its effects, but what of those who are unaware of it or otherwise are ignorant? A smoking distance of twenty five feet from the public is already in session even though different states have different laws concerning smoking in public, but the question that I always ask is, how effective is this law? Passive smoking is the inhalation of smoke, oth...

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...e concerning this issue is that people are responsible for their health and so the people who cannot contain secondhand smoke should give themselves a break by rather moving away from the public. I strongly disagree to this and as I earlier said, why should about ten people move away from a gathering just because a single person is smoking? I think it is oblivious and so this is the time for the legislation of this country enforce laws that would oblique the police to take this issue serious as they do to other issues such as driving while drunk, and driving and testing before we lose our loved ones or spend money treating illnesses that could have been prevented through avoiding inhalation of secondhand smoke.15 feet is the legal distance that must separate smokers from a public place.15 feet is the legal distance that must separate smokers from a public place.

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