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Secondhand smoke, we have all heard of it and know at least one person that smokes. Throughout the history of smoking, many researchers have found that secondhand smoke is more dangerous than the actual smoking of cigarettes. Many people know that there are dangers to smoking and secondhand smoke, but many tend to avoid the advice given to them. Secondhand smoke is very harmful to people of all ages. It destroys the inside and outside of one’s body. Secondhand smoke is not only dangerous indoors but as well as outdoors. On average every year there are many death results found. As humans should want to live a healthier life and come together to prevent smoking in the future.
Secondhand smoking is harmful to all age groups. The majority affected
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The damage that can be done in the inside of the body will last with the person throughout their lifetime. It blackens the lungs and causes lung cancer. Secondhand smoke can also lead to heart disease. Researchers have found that some deaths result in ischemic heart disease. “Nevertheless, this is likely and underestimate” (Wendy Max), told LiveScience. Studies show that people have a greater risk of lung cancer as opposed to heart disease. Secondhand smoke plays a role in our personal hygiene. It can lead to smells within our body, clothes, and hair. Smoking and secondhand smoke can cause us to age faster. Scientists out of the state of Oregon have also took note on how secondhand smoke can build up a compound that affects our blood and urine. “There is experimental evidence from nonsmokers studies where you put nonsmokers in a room, blow smoke into the room, and measure their artery function, that you see the platelets get sticky, which can cause clots and lead to a heart attack, and the ability of the arteries to dilate decreases very rapidly”, says Dr. Matthew McKenna. This cannot only harm our blood but also harm urine within the body. “Some people may say they’re not exposed to secondhand smoke, but they forget about the smokey bus ride they took in the morning or when they walked through the park and someone was smoking near them.” (Max). This compound…show more content…
Smoke within the home is more dangerous than in a public area. Record studies show that smokers are less affected from smoke than non-smokers. Non-smokers are at more of a high risk to have complications than the actual smoker. Secondhand smoke is also linked to some of the more fatal illnesses, such as, low birth weight, respiratory disease, and sudden infant syndrome. Now studies have showed that the deaths from secondhand smoke are at a record high. Secondhand smoke tends to kill around fifty thousand people each year.
We should want to live healthier and find ways to prevent smoking and secondhand smoke. Banning smoking in public already been established in my states and areas throughout the United States. “It’s been a very effective strategy” (McKenna). If you inquire an area where there is secondhand smoke, limit yourself as much as possible. Make sure that if infants and elderly are with you to also limit them to secondhand smoke as well. Encourage and try to talk to your friends and loved ones to stop smoking. Explain the affects to them and explain how you live a healthy
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