The Effects Of Punishment On A Distribution Network Essay

The Effects Of Punishment On A Distribution Network Essay

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Normally, punishment is primarily used to correct individual behavior, but as it has been already stated, there are some lasting organizational effects. These effects can be positive or negative which largely depend on other factors, such as whether the organization has a positive or negative culture, punishment policies, and the trust factor within the organization. A study was done in 2013 by Danny Wang, Flora Gu, and Maggie Dong for the Journal of Marketing Research. The study was to measure the effects of punishment in a distribution network. This study was especially interesting because unlike the aforementioned studies, this one was in relation to a business model instead of whole societies (Dong, Gu, & Wang, 2013). The results of the study were also fascinating. Wang, Gu, and Dong discovered that in their experiment, punishment had the most deterrence effect when management monitoring was high (Dong et al., 2013). This also increased the punishment fairness factor. The study showed a correlation that punishments tend to be fairer when monitoring is high (Dong et al., 2013). As a result, the deterrence effect was increased. Another correlation that was found was that in these situations, the trust level was high (Dong et al., 2013). When managing a business, this study shows that keeping track of operations gives management the ability to hand down fair punishments that protect the trust level of the organization. Conversely, when punishments were perceived as unfair, the deterrence level decreased, and the trust level was low (Dong et al., 2013).
To put the issue in a real world context, many managers who have had to discipline an employee may have found themselves met with retaliation, silent treatment or ne...

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...ce, there must be a balance of monitoring and punishment. With too little monitoring, and heavy handed punishments, animosity will increase with employees, which results in a loss of production (Zoghbi-Manrique-de-Lara, 2011). Additionally, the empty threats of punishment will likely cause an increase in employee deviance, so if the punishment policy is in place, and has been articulated by management, it is vital to follow through (Zoghbi-Manrique-de-Lara, 2011). Ideally, monitoring should represent the probability of detection, while punishment represents the cost of detection. Therefore, if certainty of being caught is high, and the probability of being sanctioned is high, employee deviance will decrease. Furthermore, following the prescribed punishment policy will likely lead to an increased perception of procedural justice (Zoghbi-Manrique-de-Lara, 2011).

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