Compare And Contrast To Incarcerate Or To Rehabilitate

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To Incarcerate or to Rehabilitate? The Quest to reduce Recidivism.
Societies have since time immemorial had to deal with wayward individuals who committed various offenses that harms the well-being of other members of the society. Within each community, there are good people and there are bad people. To promote positive overall wellbeing of the community, it is important that individuals of that particular community have systems and mechanisms in place to help deal with those who offend others and deter them from committing further offenses. Traditionally, the most common way to deal with such offenders and deter any more crime was punishment. Depending with the type of crime that an individual has committed, appropriate punishment would be meted out to them so as to make them regret their actions, deter them from committing such crimes again, and set an example to other members of the community who may think of involving themselves
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In the United States, prison, or rather incarceration, is the most common type of punishment that is dispensed to criminals by the criminal justice system once they have been convicted. Looking back half a century ago, the rate of incarceration in the united states was still low and almost similar to those of countries such as Denmark and Finland. However, the last three decades or so have seen the rise of mass incarceration as a punitive criminal justice measure in the United States to the extent where a greater proportion of the population are incarcerated than in any other country. Incarceration usually involves the locking up of offenders in prisons where they are subjected to harsh and restrictive conditions. However, the use of prisons to lock up offenders and punish them has been largely
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