The Effects Of Nudity And Its Effects On Society Essay

The Effects Of Nudity And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Furthermore, nudity isn’t only found in TV commercials and product ads, but it is very much exposed through music, music videos, TV shows, and tabloids. The mass amounts of nudity most people experience, but don’t necessarily realize comes in the form of music and music videos. This form of media, along with TV shows, is the most exposed form of media. Songs and artists are globally recognized, making music so accessible. For instance, songs like, “I Just Had Sex” by The Lonely Island, “Lollipop” by Lil Wayne, and “Strip” by Chris Brown all allude to nudity or sexual contact. In today’s culture it is almost taboo to hear a hip-hop song that didn’t include sexual organs, nudity, or sexual intercourse. This is due to the fact that these songs and many more can be bought online, heard on the radio, or streamed for free globally, in turn forming a normality of the association between nudity, sex, and hip hop music. Likewise, as many know, Playboy was known for featuring nude images of women in their magazines. Playboy is no doubt one of the leaders in the tabloid industry, leading the way for other mature magazines such as, Sports Illustrated, Penthouse, and Hustler. Tabloids such as these encourage nudity and have the opportunity to reach a larger chunk of American citizens. Moreover, TV shows too have undoubtedly changed the normality of nudity over the years. Shows such as, The Jersey Shore, Dating Naked, Teen Mom, and Sex and The City meet or exceed a certain level of appropriateness when dealing with real world nudity aspects. A majority of these shows came with controversy, but intrigued and shaped American society at the same time. The Jersey Shore and Teen Mom were quite popular among the younger generation and continued to re...

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...nts were strangers; only two of the participants were individuals I have spoken with before. My tactics in gathering my research participants varied depending on the age groups I sought after. To reach the UF student body I posted in a variety of public Facebook groups specifically geared towards UF students. I posted advertisements in Turlington and Plaza of the Americas and moreover simply went up to students asking if they had some free time to participate in a short interview while they were waiting for class to start or eating lunch. On the other hand, reaching out to the older age groups was a tad more difficult. I posted advertisements in local Gainesville eateries and called upon friends on Facebook to ask their parents or grandparents if they would participate in my interview, and eventually offered compensation for their time in meeting for the interview.

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