The Negative Consequences of Pornography

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Watching sexual activities through mass media is prevalent around the world. Due to the recent progress of science and technology, pornography has become a more commercialized activity and a source of prostitution. It is nonetheless certain that everybody does not consume pornography for the same purpose. Some practitioners and producers may consider it as a means of subsistence or a re-enforcement of sexual desire and arousal. Pornography is rejected by many religious organizations on a divine and societal moral basis. It may not be the same for business industries whose main objective is to making money. Humans can watch pornographic videos and become addicted to it. Lloyd Duhaime, Barrister, Solicitor, Attorney and Lawyer, defined Pornography as “sexual acts or sexual representations that are calculated to stimulate sexual feelings, independent of the presence of another loved one or chosen human being.” These sexual feelings and stimulations could result in some mental and emotional issues. Let’s start by looking at the mental issues that pornography leads to. As explained and proved in the ”Family North Carolina Magazine- Winter-2010” pornography viewing among teenagers creates a disorientation in their developmental phase, where they start learning about sexuality and gaining moral values. These teenagers get the wrong meaning of sexuality which have some negative effects on them in the future such as the fear of getting married or unfaithfulness to their partner. This study has also proved that pornography lower the level of self-esteem among adolescents. Also, according to Robert A. Baron, pornography has an effect on mental health among adult, and being highly exposed to pornography creates a ... ... middle of paper ... ...s have to be reviewed in order to gently handle the education and not to harm the future generations. Works Cited Fagan, Patrick F. “Adolescent.” The Effects of Pornography on Individuals, Marriage, Family and Community. North Carolina Magazine.2010. <> Gelmon, Cory H. “Retrospective: Effects of Pornography on Marriage.” A Good Husband: Marriage Advice From A Man. Online P. 4. Duhaime, Lloyd. “Pornography: The portrayal of sexual acts solely for the purpose of sexual arousal.” City of Youngstown v. DeLoreto (USA). 1969. < >

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