The Effects Of Immigration On The United States Essay

The Effects Of Immigration On The United States Essay

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The Effects of Immigration on The U.S. Economy

In the United States today there are over 11 million immigrants. Immigration has always been a key factor in the growth of our country and its economy, however, some people such as researcher Jim Demint, argue that immigration has gone too far, and instead of helping our cause, immigrants are adding to our $17 trillion dollar debt. Demint explains immigrants are creating more tax for tax payers, reducing wages, soaking up benefits without being a U.S. citizen, creating less employment opportunities for natives, and imposing more costs on schools, hospitals, and other services (Demint). On the other hand, researchers suggest that immigration helps to expand our economy. Doug Bandow of Forbes Magazine explains that well-educated immigrants help expand our economy through entrepreneurship and innovation. These new businesses create a larger work force, increase demand for consumer goods, create a competitive market, and increase productivity (Bandow). There are both positives and negatives to immigration and both have an effect on the economy. Through theories such as the AD/AS model and supply side theory we can examine the pros and cons of immigration and the effect they have our economy.
In my opinion, America wouldn’t be the successful economic model it is today without immigrants and their influence on the american way of life. There are many benefits immigration has created in the U.S. economy. Immigrants migrating to America create a larger work force and in turn reduce the equilibrium unemployment rate in the long run. Steven A. Camarota’s research findings explain that “the presence of immigrant workers (legal and illegal) in the labor market makes the U.S. economy (GDP) a...

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... been working towards strengthening the immigration system here in our country for years as this debate has been an ongoing discussion for sometime now. The National Economic Council and other government parties prepared a report examining the economic benefits of fixing our broken immigration system. The report outlines benefits of passing common sense immigration reform. It explains that these immigration reform acts would strengthen the overall economy and grow the U.S. GDP, add new protection for American workers and their jobs, decrease budget deficits, and strengthen our social security (U.S. Government). When our immigration system is strengthened our economy will strengthen as well. America is a nation that has flourished and will continue to flourish as long as our people and government continue to work together to create a better and more sustainable future.

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