The Effects of Green Revolution in the 70's Essay

The Effects of Green Revolution in the 70's Essay

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The Green Revolution began during the 1970s and 1980s, in an attempt to increase the nutrition in food crops and to make species of food crops more uniform and robust. Scientists developed strains of hybrid plants, such as wheat, rice, and maize that quantitatively produced more food that was of better quality. This research was led by Dr. Norman Borlaug in Mexico and others under the sponsorship of the Rockefeller Foundation during the 1960s.
There were several techniques that the scientists used to help increase yield and appearance of crops. First, genetic engineering was used, such as cross breeding plants for desirable qualities. Other methods were also used, such as expensive fertilizers, irrigation, heavy machinery, and pesticides and herbicides. These techniques were all used together to dramatically increase the yield of crops in many different third world countries, whose population was increasing at the fastest rate.
The Green Revolution was an influence and a disappointment to some people that it affect the most. It affected society, agriculture, and new technology. The wheat yield increased over time. As that was happening population grew and failure occurred. From land being dead tired to new technology, where it was easy to get fast money. Although the Green Revolution was started to end world hunger and the disparity in developing countries, it caused other consequences which included population growth and changes in genetic diversity of certain plants and cultural lifestyles. This revolution introduced the use of new technology and many scientifically altered crops to the world. With the rise in food supply, the population increased and some countries weren’t as starving as before. But with the advancement in t...

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...tive mode of agricultural production. Other global environmental impacts from industrial agriculture include soil erosion, salinization and water logging from irrigation, surface and groundwater contamination from pesticides and fertilizers, and the loss of cultural and biological diversity. The second phase is accelerating these unsustainable trends and is creating a global industrial food system that is highly fossil fuel intensive not only in the production sector, but in processing and distribution – where the average food item is more highly processed, more heavily packaged, and transported increasing distances. By contributing to increasing economic and social inequities at both national and international levels, this system also increases the risks of social instability. The need for more sustainable and socially just food and agricultural systems is clear.

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