The Effects of Gay/Lesbian Parenting Styles Correlating to Children's Social Acceptance

The Effects of Gay/Lesbian Parenting Styles Correlating to Children's Social Acceptance

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Scoot M. Myers conducted a research beginning in 1980 about the procedures of religiosity inheritance in families. He interviewed 471 parents in 1980 and their adult offspring in 1992 addressed the effects of childhood, parental, and family influences on the religiosity of adult offspring, factors that conditioned the ability of parents to transmit their religiosity, and how recent experiences of adult offspring modify earlier family influences on religiosity. According to the results, there were three variables that influence the impact of religion on adult offspring. Within these three variables were parental religiosity, quality of the family relationship, and traditional family structure. Many studies found the research on the effect of parents’ religiosity on the religiosity of their offspring to have inconsistent results. Researchers have found that parental influence is a high impact for church attendance in adolescence but as their child ages, the impact decreases. Studies have also found that parental influence on religion heavily depends on the religion in which the parent practices. The accumulation of religious capital during childhood is heavily depended upon for transmission of parent’s religion to their offspring as well. Lastly, the events, experiences, and traditions within the family is a major factor that contributes to the influence of religion on adult offspring.
Researchers have examined the factors stated above in heterosexual parenting homes. The impact of gay and lesbian couple’s outcomes of their parenting styles on the social acceptance levels involving children’s behavior will be examined and compared. “Lesbian and heterosexual women have not been found to differ markedly either in their overall mental ...

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...lume 10, Number 2
DOI: 10.1089/chi.2013.0123. Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.,%202014.pdf
Lieberman, Lisa D. (2006). “Early Predictors of Sexual Behavior: Implications for Young Adolescents and Their Parents.” Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health. Volume 38, Number 2. Copyright 1996-2014, Guttmacher Institute.
Patterson, Charlotte J. PhD. (2014). “Lesbian and Gay Parenting: Theoretical and Conceptual Examinations.” American Psychological Association.

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