Religion Influence On Religion And Culture

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Religion influences culture in many ways. People of different cultures have a set of beliefs that influence their daily lives and how they act. Religion is like a way of life. Many people take their religion very seriously, so their lives and cultures are majorly affected by their religion then and now. Religion has always had a major impact on human life and culture. It has the ability to not only unify people but also having the ability to cause war, and devastation. Our human nature, how the social-norms, and forces of culture and religion can bring people together for cooperative success or can divide people for persecution and suffering. No other religion is this more true for then Catholicism. A religion so powerful that it is currently one of the largest financial powers in the world. The Catholic Church is one of the oldest continuous religious institutions in the world and has played a prominent role in the history of Western civilization. Many say that money is power. If that’s true then no one has more power over the years then the catholic church. The people who have followed the Catholic religion over the years have always been generous with their money in even in their times of need if they had “extra” money it was most likely to use it or donate it to the Church somehow. For example back in the 1500’s the Catholic Church had a three ways of collecting and gathering money; relics, indulgences, and pilgrimages. Relics pieces of straw, hay, white feathers from a dove, maybe pieces of the cross, and so on that were often sold to people. The money raised from this went to the church and to the Vatican. The holy relics were sought after because the people of the religion saw their purchase of the relics as a way of p... ... middle of paper ... ...o these questions bring comfort, a sense of belonging and meaning to certain cultures and societies. It brings an individual self worth and happiness, and the feeling that they have something to live for. This is one of the main reasons people decide to follow a certain religion – to bring them happiness and to do right by their religion, therefore contributing positively to society. The Catholic Church and other religions exist due to their cultural environment, and in turn these cultural are influenced by the religions that exist within them the help to shape them. People live their faith and they express it though their cultural so of course these two are connected. Looking at culture as the worldview of guiding our lives and if people shape a cultural then the religion that shapes their life will most likely shape yours in either a positive or even negative way.

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