The Effects Of Electronic Cigarettes On The United States Essay

The Effects Of Electronic Cigarettes On The United States Essay

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Through some primary research it was gratifying to see the strides the American Legacy Foundation has made over the past fifteen year with encouraging the youth to not smoke and smokers to stop smoking. With over fourteen million documents from major tobacco companies concerning manufacturing, advertising, marketing, sales, and scientific research the company has nicely extrapolated the right information to make people think twice about smoking. On the contrary, the cigarette industry has adopted a second child that is electronic. The problem is that people do not see electronic cigarettes as a health concern. The fact that people are “vaporing” instead of smoking gives them the illusion that it is “healthy.” All sickness associated with smoking are not directly linked to the tobacco, but the other chemicals. Likewise, it is only human to wonder what other chemicals are embedded in the electronic cigarettes to give them this competition with tobacco cigarettes. Countless studies have shown that electronic cigarettes could be linked to some of the same health concerns as tobacco cigarettes, but more research needs to done to give people the right information concerning their health. Tobacco smoking peaked in the 1950’s when people thought it was safe, until decades later they were developing some of the same horrific diseases with an early death. History should not repeat itself this time around.

The major problem surrounding electronic cigarettes is the way it is marketed. Children know smoking is bad, but they keep hearing positive things about the electronic cigarettes and seeing their idols use them. They have limited knowledge to think otherwise. Furthermore, the item is still too new for there to be proper regulations. Peopl...

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...e children admitted to never using conventional cigarettes.

So far, the FDA has been trying to regulate electronic cigarettes through the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA). The FDCA is an incredibly stringent statute that takes plenty of time and evidence to rectify an issue. This approach is staggering because electronic cigarettes do not fall nicely into the categories of food, drugs, and cosmetics. In 2009, Congress enacted the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (TCA). Through the TCA, the FDA was granted control over tobacco products. The TCA was revolutionary because it enable new and flexible oversight in the tobacco industry. Under definition the electronic cigarettes falls under the TCA, and should be retried under this act for the welfare of public health. The TCA specializes in improving public health when it comes to cigarettes.

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