The Effects Of Effects On Food Safety And Security Essay

The Effects Of Effects On Food Safety And Security Essay

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The effects GMFs have on crops. Genetically modified crops have the ability to generate and create new weeds with its relatives. This is called out-crossing. Out-crossing is a risk factor that is associated with Genetically Modified Foods. Out-crossing can happen because of the wind, insect pollution, and other ways of transportation. When out-crossing happens, it can contaminate other species, leading to hybridization. Hybridization is when two different organisms are combined and become one organism. Another effect out-crossing can have is “An indirect effect on food safety and security” ( ). In 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported an incident regarding genetically modified corn, approved only for livestock, found in human consumption markets. My family has always tried had to stay away from genetically modified organisms. When we go grocery shopping, we try to buy organic fruits and vegetables and stay away from non-organic crops if possible. Although organic crops are more pricey than non-organic crops, my family believes that they are better for us to consume. In my remedial course class, we had talked about genetically modified crops and how better they look compared to naturally grown crops. When we try to swap to naturally grown crops, we see a change of taste, texture, and color. My dad would rather get organic crops because genetically modified foods or out-crossing is done to it. The reason for this is because genetically modified organisms are prohibited on organic farms.
When genetically modified organisms are prohibited on organic farms, this means organic farmers cannot plant genetically modified seeds on their property. Organic farmers and organic soup producers are not allowed to use ant type of ...

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...nt women and 80% of their unborn fetuses had Bt toxin in them…69% of non-pregnant women had Bt toxin” (__). Bt toxin leads a human to have a large range of allergies and problems with their immune system. In Washington, more than 500 people had reactions to Bt corn and 6 were rushed to the emergency room. The toxin is 5,000 more toxic in a concentrate form in plant than it is in liquid form. GMO Safety claims that GMO corn is completely harmless to the animals being tested and the soybeans being tested on will bring outstanding results. Although studies show, “Bt toxin has ill effects on laboratory animals, producing a potent immune response and enhancing the immune response to other substances” (__). If GMO Safety and other scientist claim GMOs are safe, then why have 30 countries banned GMOs and majority of the countries demanded everything to have GMO labels?

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