The Effects Of Child Abuse On Children 's Health And Welfare Essay

The Effects Of Child Abuse On Children 's Health And Welfare Essay

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Did you know many people commit child abuse, child neglect, and also sexual abuse? The type of things parents or caregivers do is neglect their loved ones like they don’t love them anymore. Child abuse is one of the most outrageous things in the world, knowing both the facts and some children’s stories might change your life for the better. In this research paper you will read what child abuse is, what can happen to a child who is being abused, and who a person can contact if a child is being abused.
The legal definition of child is quite simple. Child abuse is something people do to children. It is a risk, and harmful, and also very serious. It affects children’s health and welfare. Child abuse also affects the child or children emotionally, physically, and mentally. Child abuse can also be sexual abuse if the child is under 18 years old. When the parent or caregiver doesn’t take action or fails to accept their responsibilities of their child. Child maltreatment is divided into five main topics: it has physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional maltreatment, neglect, sexual abuse and the witnessing of family violence. ("Child Welfare Information Gateway") Child abuse is defined in Federal and State Law State, child abuse laws define child abuse as any act (or failure to act) that: Results in imminent risk or serious harm to a child 's health and welfare due to physical, emotional, or sexual abuse; affects a child (typically under the age of 18); by a parent or caregiver who is responsible for the child 's welfare. Any child who has been abused may have problems with relationships, trust issues, emotional outbursts, low performance at school, depression, anger, and so much more.
The actual law for child abuse is when the law provides...

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...ings and much more change the child. ("Sexual Assault") Neglect is when the parent or caregiver leaves the child without shelter, food, medical care and clothing.
In conclusion, child abuse is something people do to younger children under the age of eighteen, like cause physical, emotional and sexual harm to the child. This crime can be very serious and the law provides many rules for a person who is harming a child. If a person feels that a child is being abused, they should contact a child welfare agency and the agency or welfare worker can determine if the child is being abused or neglected and/or if the child should be taken away from a certain person. Child abuse has many signs and mental injury is another type of child abuse towards a child. Child abuse is a serious crime and the people that commit it to a child should be sent to jail a crime like child abuse.

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