The Four Types Of Child Abuse

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Child Abuse is a serious physical and emotional harm. A child abuse can happen to any child, no matter what culture, ethnic, or social class they are. There are four types of child abuse, these are physical, sexual, emotional/psychological, and neglect. Nearly 1 million children are abused every year in the U.S.
Physical abuse is any intentional act causing harm or trauma to the child. This includes hitting, whipping, beating, biting, kicking, or anything that causes harm to the child. As a result of these actions bruising, broken bones, even the death of the child can occur. It is the second most common of maltreatment.
Next, sexual abuse in children is the most heartbreaking and worst experience for a child. Sexual abuse is when a child is raped or forced to commit a sexual act. Studies have shown
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For example, some cognitive delays in children are difficulties in the language. Due to the traumatic experience, the children have difficulties in the language and have trouble expressing themselves. Also, some children experience personality disorder, anxiety, and severe depression. Abused children can experience flashbacks of their abuse that causes the child to become more traumatized. This leads to persistent fear where the child fears everything and everyone around them. The child no longer trusts or feels safe in their surroundings.
Next, there is behavioral consequences in child abuse. Unfortunately, some children want to find the easy way out of their problems and experiences that they hurt themselves or involved in crimes. Studies have shown that approximately 25% of child abuse or neglect with experience the following; delinquency, low academic achievement, teen pregnancy, and mental health problems. Now, children who were sexually abuse are more likely to experience higher levels of depression than any other child
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