The Effectiveness of Using Graphic Novel Essay example

The Effectiveness of Using Graphic Novel Essay example

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English is a very important language as it is used frequently at international level as a means for people from different countries to communicate with one another . However, English significance as a communication tool has grown and expand not just as an international language but also used as the language in international relations, and in exchanging knowledge and technology. In the early phase, English hd been spread internationally through colonization, migration and settlement, but as the years passed, English quickly gained a high prestige in cultural, scientific, technological and other fields that contributed to English becoming global (Leitner, 1992). Nowadays, it is generally acknowledged that learning English is a “must”. Therefore, English was formally accorded the status of second language in Malaysia when the National Language Policy was implemented in 1970 and then officially taught in primary and secondary schools in Malaysia .
Although English was granted the second language status in 1970, English had a comparatively long history in Malaysia (Solomon ,1988). During the colonial era, the British practiced divide and rule system that segregated the three main races of Malaya which were the Malays, Chinese an Indian socially. As a result, linguistic segregations also occured educationally when each community used their own native language as a medium of instruction in schools that catered exclusively to their ethnic. English, meanwhile, was used in National-type schools that located in the urban areas where most of the pupils were from noble and wealthy background and most of them were Chinese and Eurasians. After gaining independence from the British in 1957, English was the estab...

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