Comparison between Maus & Anne Frank

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What if you were a holocaust survivor and asked to describe your catastrophic experience? What part of the event would you begin with, the struggle, the death of innocent Jews, or the cruel witnessed? When survivors are questioned about their experience they shiver from head to toe, recalling what they have been through. Therefore, they use substitutes such as books and diaries to expose these catastrophic events internationally. Books such as Maus, A survivor’s tale by Art Spiegelman, and Anne Frank by Ann Kramer. Spiegelman presents Maus in a comical format; he integrated the significance of Holocaust while maintaining the comic frame structure format, whereas comic books are theoretically supposed to be entertaining. Also, Maus uses a brilliant technique of integrating real life people as animal figures in the book. Individually, both stories involve conflicts among relationships with parents. Furthermore, Maus jumps back and forth in time. Although, Anne Frank by Ann Kramer, uses a completely different technique. Comparatively, both the books have a lot in common, but each book has their own distinctive alterations.

The Holocaust was a terrible time, where the Nazis were eliminating Jews due to a misunderstanding that was passed down from Adolf Hitler to the Germans. Hilter filled the minds of Germans with hatred against Jews. Books such as Maus and Anne Frank has been able to suppress the horror of the holocaust. Maus, by Art Spiegelman, is about Art Spiegelman’s father Vladek Spriegelman and his experiences enduring the holocaust. Anne Frank, by Ann Kramer is about Frank and her friends and family struggling to survive the holocaust, yet in the end only her dad, Otto Frank is the only survivor. The author of the book Anne...

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...rank, the time period stays constant. Comparatively, reading Anne Frank, was much easier because the timeline was straight forward.

In Conclusion, Maus and Anne Frank are similar in certain ways but they still have their own unique differences. Some of the differences were that Maus uses animal figures instead of real people, whereas Anne Frank uses real people, also Maus jumps back and forth in time, whereas Anne Frank remains constant. There were many similarities between these two books, such as; they both are true stories, they both involve struggle and suffering, and a major similarity between the two books was the main characters facing conflicts with one or both of their parents. In comparison reading both of these books exceeded my knowledge on the holocaust and taught me what it feels like to survive the most terrifying event in history, the Holocaust.

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