Effective Transition Of Care At The Clinic Essay examples

Effective Transition Of Care At The Clinic Essay examples

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Working in a private physician group, transition of care is one of the several issues that this practice is facing currently. Transition can be defined as the transfer of a patient from the hospital to home. When patients are discharged from the hospital after being treated for a chronic illness, ineffective transition can be a challenge. We have created several programs to assist our patients with effective transition of care. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how we can use a middle range theory to help solve the issue of ineffective transition of care at the clinic where i practice. Effective transition of care is important to patient care because it create less confusion, patients concerned are answered and their care are coordinated with the right agencies. As a result, we will have better patient outcome and less hospitalization.

Description of a middle range theory that could be applied to the problem
After reading about several middle range theory, I choose to use the theory of transition by Afaf Ibrahim Meleis . She is a well-known educator and nurse sociology. Afaf is the founder of the transition theory (McEwen &Wills, p 236 , 2014). The transition theory which is a theory that tries to identify individuals experiencing life changes and then finding interventions to assist them. We all know that transitions can have positive or negative impact on a patient‘s health. When nurses are able to identify the period of transition, nurses can create individual appropriate plan of care that can benefit the patient in achieving positive outcomes.
She described that the transition theory evolved over the course of about four decades. Her theory main focus is to explain the interactions between...

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Transition theory can be considered as a great nursing theory because we can applied it to several patient populations. Effective transition of care can lead to positive patient outcomes. Ineffective transition of care where our patients are discharged without any follow up care can lead to negative effects on their health and poor continuity care. Good Transition of care helps to reduce hospital readmissions and improve patient‘s experience.

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