Effective Communication in Health and Social Care Essay

Effective Communication in Health and Social Care Essay

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In health and social care effective communication a key skill all professionals should have when working with families, carers, children and young people. Having this skill helps to build trust it can also encourage the individual to use the services. Effective communication is essential when trying to establish and maintain relationships and it is a process that involves listening, questioning, responding and understanding. However there are many barriers that can effect how effective the communication is a few examples of these barriers could be: language, personality, visual or auditory impairment or a disability. In order to over come these barriers there have been many advances in the strategies that can help in situations where the communication is not effective, a strategy is a method or a plan that can help someone or something succeed in achieving a goal or result.
There are various strategies that can be used to overcome a barrier in communication, the first I will be explaining is a hearing aid and as the name suggests it is an aid for hearing. Hearing aids are primarily used for improving the hearing and speech of people who have lost some of there hearing due to damage being caused to the hair cells (sensory cells) in the inner ear. This damage can be caused as a result of; ageing, injury from a noise, a side effect of medication, or from a disease.
The hearing aid is an electro-acoustic device that is generally fitted behind or in the wearer’s ear, how ever there are some hearing aids that can be implanted into the brain. Electro-acoustic is a term used to explain how the hearing aid works, the electro section is because it is electronic and the acoustic is used as the device amplifies the sound. It is used by a sm...

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...messages from one language to another. As with an interpreter it is used when someone is trying to communicate with a person who doesn't have English as their mother tongue, this could be because they need an interpreter or because they prefer to have one in the situation they are in.

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