Hearing Loss Case Study

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What Treatments can be given to those with Hearing loss?

The aim is to learn about the treatments available for those who are hearing impaired. This essay will be looking at how the current treatments help, how it has evolved from the past, what is done to improve it.

There has to be an understanding of how the ear works, what hearing loss is before looking at the treatments for hearing loss. Hence the essay will go through how the ear works and what causes hearing loss first. Then it will explain the diagnosis process before focusing on the treatments. the essay will be exploring the past, current and the possible future treatments. The essay will also touch upon other ways in which hearing impaired people cope with hearing loss.

The anatomy of the Ear and how the Ear works?
Image of the ear’s anatomy

The anatomy of the ear splits
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This type of hearing loss is permanent.Causes of Sensorineural Hearing Loss:
Loud noises a common cause of hearing. Constant exposure to loud noises such as noises made by drilling equipments and very loud music, causes the gradual damage of the hair cells in cochlea. Exposure to thunderous noise of explosions can cause sudden hearing loss.
Age is also a common cause of hearing loss, Over time the hair cells in the cochlea gradually gets damaged, hence hearing deteriorates.Hearing loss occurs in old people as by this time most of the hair cells are damaged.
Hearing loss can be due inherited genetics. Hearing loss may be found in the family history and may have been inherited. There are many disorders that are are due to inherited genes. Examples include Usher syndrome, stickler, Waardenburg syndrome, pendred syndrome. certain defections in genes can also cause hearing loss, such as connexin 26 deafness. In some cases hearing loss may be due to
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