The Effect Of Exercise On Skeletal Muscle Essay

The Effect Of Exercise On Skeletal Muscle Essay

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The hypothesis in Ca2+–calmodulin-dependent protein kinase expression and signaling in skeletal muscle during exercise is that skeletal muscle Ca2+–calmodulin-dependent kinase II signaling would be modified by endurance, training was tested to further these thoughts. The author had done 2 tests prior to the final result explaining and testing his theory. He had 8 men, who were relatively of young age, train and exercise continuously for 3 weeks. He took muscle samples from the men before and after doing the experiment. He tested and saw a 40% increase of Mitochondrial ATP. Meaning the Mitochondrial ATP catalyzed ATP synthesis using electrochemical gradients of protons in the inner membrane in oxidative phosphorylation. The oxidative phosphorylation is the pathway that cells oxidize nutrients and restore ATP. Ca2+ is said to have an important impact in skeletal muscle function while exercising. They tested multifunctional Ca2+–calmodulin-dependent protein kinases in the skeletal muscles and were shown that CaMKI and CaMKIV do not play as important of a role as CaMKII and CaMKK.
Showing the effects of intense exercise on skeletal muscles.
There were 2 methods that were conducted to show what effect exercise has on the skeletal muscles. These two methods were that the authors used many young men, characteristics of the subjects relatively the same between both experiments. One study had 8 young men exercise continuously on a cycle ergometer for 90 minutes. Before, after 1, 10, 30,60 and 90 minutes they have samples of their vastus lateralis muscle taken. In the other experiment 10 me, similar to the first experiment, exercised nonstop for 30 minutes, three 10 minute sessions. They had samples taken before, after 10 minutes, 30 minu...

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...e was no effect of exercise on skeletal muscle CaMKII expression or maximal activity. In contrast activation of CaMKII during a lot of exercise, the phosphorylation of PLN at Thr17 ( a CaMKII substrate) was quickly sustained during exercise showing that in vivo CaMKII activity follows the same pattern. Also, when CaMKII phosphorylation levels were worked in vitro, there was a positive relationship between CaMKII auto phosphorylation and autonomous activity. These two findings together means that changes in CaMKII phosphorylation are causally related to changes in autonomous CaMKII activity in skeletal muscle because of exercise. I believe this study shows a positive outcome because now we have proof and tests to prove theories of CaMKII activation working skeletal muscles rapidly and is sustainable during continuous exercise. Also is better during vigorous exercise.

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