Cellular Respiration Essay

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Adrian Jackson Mrs. Kasicky Biology 1st 23 March 2014 Cellular Respiration Do you know how you are able to run long distances or lift heavy things? One of the reasons is cellular respiration. Cellular respiration is how your body breaks down the food you’ve eaten into adenosine triphosphate also known as ATP. ATP is the bodies energy its in every cell in the human body. We don’t always need cellular respiration so it is sometimes anaerobic. For example, when we are sleeping or just watching television. When you are doing activities that are intense like lifting weights or running, your cellular respiration becomes aerobic which means you are also using more ATP. Cellular respiration is important in modern science because if we did not know about it, we wouldn’t know how we are able to make ATP when we are doing simple task like that are aerobic or anaerobic. Scientist have been researching cellular respiration “They discovered that when Stat 3 protein was missing, cells consumed less oxygen and produced less ATP, the key molecular form of cellular energy,” which means that the ene...

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