Essay about Education The Congregation On Server

Essay about Education The Congregation On Server

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In todays church body there is a mood of deep complacency and striking immobility There is no will to serve people who need help; the congregation today would easily hand over hundred dollars to the homeless rather then go to the soup kitchen and be with the people who just need a hot meal and some one to talk to. The church today, as a congregation, has become immobilized especially in large churches; this is a problem for many reasons but this issue can be solved through education the congregation on server, providing other outlets and encouraging the leaders of the church.
Most church’s have problems that run in circles or a chain. You could take tithing for example: usually it is the older people who contribute the most then, you try to appease them with their request so that they continue to give. However, when this happens the younger generation can get left out and then you are not reaching was many people. But, if you try to appease the younger generations then the older generations are not happy and the cycle goes round and round. The same can be said for over eighty percent of the congregation not serving in the community. The church congregation is not mobile in the community because the church leadership isn 't motivating them, there is not enough sights of application for service and there is also not enough education about what service really means. Leadership in the church isn 't motivated because of the repetition in trying to get the church people to participate, they get worn down with the constant trying and no result or reaction form the congregation. There is also not different outlets for peoples different way to serve. The congregation is also not fully educated on what service means. Many would believe ...

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... people, that they would have a mind for understanding and nonjudgmental. The next thing would be to obviously educate people on the different ways to serve. This is good because it is apart of the initial plan but also it is a good reminder for everyone.
Even though there maybe some stumbling blocks in our paths we know that they can be overcome. The church today, as a congregation, has become unwilling to serve this is a problem for obvious reasons. The plan to educate the congregation about what service actually is, depict how different gifts can be employed with combination of providing outlets for these gifts with the newly motivated staff a revolution could start and the face of the church will change. “For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.” (Galatians 5:13)

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