Security Methods to Protect Your Privacy

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Security Methods to Protect Your Privacy

Privacy and security issues have become one of the top concerns among computer users in today’s market. It has become a game of survival of the fittest in protection of your security. The only true way to defend yourself is knowledge. You should prepare your self against hackers, spammers and potential system crashing viruses and web bugs. Lets focus on how you can protect yourselves from the would be thieves.

There are several ways to protect your information from the outside world; you just need the ammunition to do it. Because this has become a focal point for computer and Internet user’s, many companies are capitalizing on a growing industry and producing software packages to prevent privacy intrudion. A couple of ways that you can protect your self are URL encryption, OS shielding, JavaScript filtering, and cookie control. All of these are effective ways of protecting your self. But take caution, these are not guaranteed to complete block out intruders and completely protect you and your information. They are merely preventive steps you can take.

URL encryption is a method that prevents your ISP, network administrator, or other intermediaries from easily tracking and logging the sites that you visit. This prevents companies from gaining information on your surfing habit and purchasing habit on the net. Companies have been accumulating data on us for years without our permission. Once these companies or have the information they can make money on us by selling the information to other companies or as I stated the government. Why should they make money on our information without our consent? The URL encryption also protects the user from potential Internet pr...

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...llow you on their sites without the ability of planting or accept some form of a cookie. In this case you can use Safe cookies. A safe cookie allows you to accept cookies safely so you can surf WebPages without being tracked or monitored by the Website. The cookies are encrypted, very much like the URL encryption, and automatically erased when you leave the site.

All of these methods are just some of the more popular techniques that people can us to protect their vital information. As stated earlier they are not failsafe, but are good proactive measures that everyone should take. The information age is growing leaps and bound. But with all the good it brings, it also brings the bad. If you plan and prepare yourself you will survive and retain your privacy. Once you loose your privacy it is impossible to get it back, so take control of your information.
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