E-Commerce Privacy Essay

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Privacy and security of personal data is one of the most difficult challenges that businesses dealing in e-commerce venture face in today’s global world. Though these business sites have little or no interest in private and personal information of the users, but the information collected by them can however lead to risks. The personal information is often provided by users actively and voluntarily such as names, email ids, physical addresses or even credit card information. Though in some cases information is passively passed on by users and even sites to third party, for example some of site banner ads allow third party advertisers to track users browsing habits. But most often websites gather and use the data containing individual’s information without even their knowledge. Main concern of e-commerce business ventures in today’s world is lower the liability risk in regards to the site’s personal information collection practices. In order to achieve the desired success they should constantly determine and examine what kind of information is being collected by the site and should constantly develop privacy policy statement in order to protect the information. Among many aspects of crime on the information superhighway, electronic vandalism, theft, money laundering, electronic vandalism, illegal interception, electronic funds transfer crimes are some examples. In the following paper more insight on privacy issue. Some of these issues, available options and risks surrounded are further highlighted.
In this high tech world where everyone need reliable and fast source of information exchange internet has got so much boost. But question remain same do internet itself can be considered as a secure place? The information present onli...

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...internet security and safety differs from region to region and country to country, there is need to have more global rules that can be followed by internet users as trading of goods and services in this global world has no limitations. In many countries the personal data is kept private but when there is trans-border flow there are chances that privacy can be invaded. According to various surveys majority of people using internet are not convinced that the transactions are secured and not being monitored. The World Wide Web technology offers variety of options and enormous amount of potential, but measures are need to be taken in order to prevent abuses and harm done by this technology. In order to do this industry and government need to work together on resolutions, if correct actions are not taken the consumers and industries both have to face the consequences.
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