The Education System Of Singapore Essay

The Education System Of Singapore Essay

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  The education department and institutions carry out their activities under the supervision of the Ministry of education of Singapore which make policies for the betterment of their people and society in regard of the education. The government has given authority to the Ministery of education to take care of the education sector. The government controls the overall educational setup. Subsidies are provided to different secondary educational institutions working under the government. The government supports the education system. It pays more attention towards all sectors of education according to their requirement. The dropout rate in the education system is high. The government offers scholarships for international students and allocated a separate budget for them. A lot of national, public and international universities are already working and the government has plans to build and execute more. The federal government provides various funds for the students, including international students and the Ministery of education keeps its eye on the development of education system of Singapore (Wong, 2009).
  The Kindergarten education system is based on three years of tenure. The system basically for this level children focuses on their communication skills and language. They teach them their basic language and prepare the children for their future education. The Kindergarten school children aged from 4-6 years. Their curriculum is properly designed under the supervision of Ministery of education under their program Nurturing Early Learners. The ministry pays much focus on this level of children because they consider that if they are well prepared, they will connect with a bright future, Therefore, Kindergarten education is considered n...

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...ffer them scholarships to come over in the country to complete their education. The country is moving towards the development in this sector. The teachers are provided training and are given respect. Whereas, there is a lot of competition and becoming a teacher in Singapore is not an easy task. The examination system is old and requires the attention of people and the government. It only supports the traditional system and innovation is not considered to be the part of their system. Singapore is known for its best, education system in the world, because the country offers a lot of education scholarships for overseas students. Further, the country has focused on opening its own international university campuses in the country, so that most of the students can study in their own country. This makes Singapore one of the top ranked education provide country in the world.

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