Essay on Education Leadership And Special Education

Essay on Education Leadership And Special Education

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Susan Bon is associate professor in the Education Leadership and Special Education Leadership Program at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Her expertise includes law and ethics on leadership and special education leadership in K-12 schools. She received her law degree and doctorate from The Ohio State University.
This article discussed how law and ethics intersect and contribute to the understanding of educational goals in school administration programs. The ethics of justice focuses on the laws and rights that influence educational leaders ' decision making and questions the absence or existence of law and rights in any given situation. This article is narrow, however, it is helpful for the purpose of this literature review, because it provides guide to ethical problem solving by educational leaders decisions. It proclaims that educational leaders must make decisions, interpret, and determine laws and policies that affect children and their educational rights.
The above findings will be used within the literature review convey the importance of the use of certain ethics for problem solving by educational leaders. Whereas, school leaders must have interpersonal communication and other awareness skills that promote dialogue. The use of ethical leadership and values are essential for decision making in educational leadership.
Cusher, B.E. (2015). Leaders in conversation: The dialectic model of leadership education in
Plutarch 's Lives. Journal of Leadership Education, 14 (2), 198-208.
Brent Edwin Cusher is an Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies in the Department of Leadership and American Studies at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia. His B.A. and Ph. D. deg...

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... because it provides informative text regarding the performance of school leaders and school leadership. Six key processes are discussed that helps with learning-centered leadership evaluations; planning, implementing, supporting, advocating, communicating, and monitoring. Additionally, appraisals are performed as a strategy to improve school leadership.
The above findings will be used within the literature review to clarify the importance of appraisals and feedback in educational leadership. Appraisals are informative and they strengthen accountability requirements and quality in education. Teacher effectiveness depends on effective school leaders who shape teachers ' working environments.
Odhiambo, G. (2014). The challenges and future of public higher education leadership in Kenya. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 36(2), 183-195.

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