Essay about Education For Sustainable Development And Global Citizenship

Essay about Education For Sustainable Development And Global Citizenship

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ESDGC stands for ‘Education for sustainable development and global citizenship’. The National Assembly for Wales (2014) states that “ESDGC seeks to give learners… an understanding of the impact of their choices on other people, the economy and the environment.”
Firstly, looking at why ESG or ‘education for sustainable development’ should be incorporated into primary school lessons. This generation of children are entering a world that is bigger and more open to them than it has been for any other generation. However, if the new generations of children follow the lead of the past generations, the planet will be deprived of natural resources and pushed to the limit by global warming. This is why it is extremely important that children of a young age are taught about sustainability, this allows them to develop into adults who want to save the planet because they know the devastating effects careless human activity can do. Brundtland (1987) defines sustainable development as ‘development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.’
Secondly, looking at why GC or ‘global citizenship’ should be incorporated into primary school lessons. It is important that ‘global citizenship’ is taught in primary schools because at this age, children are unsure of how they fit into this huge and diverse world in which they live. Children need the knowledge of their local community and the wider world, to work out and understand where their place is and what their roles are. After learning their places in the community and wider world, the children will feel comfortable with themselves and the diversity of people who they live all around them (unknown: 2006). Another aspect of ‘glo...

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...of the task; and using appropriate technical terms and vocabulary/language appropriate to the subject-specific context. There is also development of thinking skills through the children creating their own success criteria and planning their work; ESDGC through deforestation contributing to global warming; and curriculum cymreig by learning that deforestation happens on a smaller scale in Wales. The ESDGC themes being covered are climate change, and the natural environment. The children are covering these themes by learning about deforestation contributing to global warming due to the rise in carbon dioxide levels.
Estyn (2014) recommends that to improve ESDGC in schools, the schools should be planning “for the progressive development of pupils’ understanding of the seven ESDGC themes”. This recommendation was for the whole curriculum, not certain lessons or subjects.

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