Lesson Plan: Taking Care of the Environment

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Description: Students will learn the importance to take care of the environment. They will gain knowledge on recycle, reuse, and reduce. They will also learn to be creative and to persuade other people around school and outside school for protecting the environment. Moreover, students will increase their vocabulary and critical thinking. Standards: Objectives: After explaining the importance to protect the environment, the student will create a presentation on how recycle influence the environment. • The student will create an organize outline about the information collected. • The student will design a persuasive speech about protecting the environment. • The student will create a unique recycle trashcan with 70 % accuracy. Procedure 1. Show video about Global Warming: A Way Forward: Facing Climate Change. 2. Ask question: What interpretation can you get from the video? 3. Definition of pollution 4. Ask question: What kinds of pollution exist and examples? 5. Ask question: How pollution can be prevented? 6. Introduce recycle has the first objective to prevent pollution...
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