Essay on Education Case Study: An Ethical and Moral Dilema

Essay on Education Case Study: An Ethical and Moral Dilema

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Within the case study of Billy it is evident that the teacher was willing to grant the extension; however there are ethical issues which go against this action. For Billy he may compromise the subject grade due to missing a deadline when submitting his work, on the other hand it is his first time and it is contrasting to his usual behaviour. There are three types of ethics that can be used to argue the case study, firstly consequentialism, this being that when an individual is faced with different choices they should determine the act that promotes better outcomes (Eggleston, 2005). Secondly deontology discusses the moral rightness and this claims that people have certain duties that should be adhered to (Booth, 2008), meaning that rules should be followed regardless of the outcomes. Finally, contextualism believes that no two cases are the same; they follow a strict set of ethical rules which can be altered if the outcome leads to greater good (BBC, 2013). These three theorists each have an ideology of how the teacher should act within the case study, all having their own differing opinions and views.

Theorists of consequentialism consider that the teacher should grant Billy extra time to complete his work as it is unusual behaviour for him to miss the deadline. The teacher has evidently chosen to complete the act which has the best consequences for the student, which is for him to get the best results (BBC, 2013). It is believed that consequentialism is the rightness of an action and how it leads to the optimal consequence, in the case study the consequence for Billy would be that he is able to hand in his work and achieve the best possible grade. This was determined by the teacher allowing the pupil to have an extension (Segev...

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• Segev (2010) Hierarchical Consequentialism. Utilitas [online] 22(3) pp.309- 330 [Accessed 10 Dec 2013] Available at
• Staveren (2007) Beyond Utilitarianism and Deontology: Ethics in Economics. Review of political economy. [online] 19(1) pp.21- 35 [Accessed 12 Dec 2013] Available at¶mdict=en-US

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