Education and the Urban Underprivileged Woman Essay

Education and the Urban Underprivileged Woman Essay

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Research question/objectives
When I first proposed this study I wanted to know why are there a greater number of girls dropping out of a higher education than boys do. I realised that this was not a path breaking question but since I did not want to dwell into a path-breaking aspect in my first internship in this sphere I thought I would be a good idea to understand the obvious and then go ahead with newer ideas. I wanted to use this internship as a platform for my future projects that will be will women and development, if it is left only to my wishes. I am genuinely interested to work in this sector. In a way my generalised question helped me understand the larger picture better and also forced me to think in manner that was a little more specific.

I wanted to investigate if the question of the household head was just a mere reference point. This doubt was clarified because of the paper by Gangopadhyaya and Wadhwa. I have always believed that the gender bias within our society might prove a battle for the female headed household which would have direct impact on their next generation, namely, their children. Amongst the children I felt that a greater impact will be seen in the lives of girls than boys because mothers are more likely to seek the girl child’s help with domestic chores and the education of the girls could be side-lined because of economic reasons. I believe that there is a high chance of patriarchy to exist even within household run by women and that might put the future of their girl children in jeopardy.

The Maharashtra state board provides free education to girl children till they complete their High school, i. e., class 12th. Because of economic reasons, there is a possibility of them to drop out after cl...

... middle of paper ...

...nomic benefit that is sought through gaining higher education was imperative. If higher education did not have fulfilled their economic aspirations then there was no point in continuing with it.

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