Essay about The Economics Of Education By Jean Anyon And Jonathan Kozol

Essay about The Economics Of Education By Jean Anyon And Jonathan Kozol

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Dmitri Hamm Katwal
Mr. John Terranova
English 100
1 March 2016
The Economics of Education
The essays by Jean Anyon and Jonathan Kozol explore the idea of education not being equal for everyone across the United States. For example, Jean Anyon discusses the idea of a "hidden curriculum". The hidden curriculum that her essay describes implies that the information taught and the way it is taught differs among schools of varying socioeconomic backgrounds. She and her team visited five different schools in New Jersey, with the schools being classified into working class, middle class, affluent-professional, and elite (Anyon 165-6). She then observed the classes and the way they are taught. This brought to light the differences between the way children are treated based on where they live and how much money their parent 's make. Furthermore, Kozol 's essay goes into depth about the actual conditions of schools in New York and Los Angeles, and various others across the United States. It also discusses segregation, and the impact of these realities on children with eyewitness accounts from students, teachers, principals, and non-profit organizations.
My educational experience was disempowering due to lack of funding, teacher 's lack of respect for students, and strictly structured classes that allowed for no creativity or alternative thinking. I can compare this with the ideas of Anyon 's essay, specifically her experience with the "working class" schools. However, I can also liken my educational experience to Kozol 's essay, due to my schools lack of funds and poor conditions. The schools in Kozol 's essay dealt with lack of funding compared to other schools in New Yor...

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...k the time to explain or answer my questions. My education also relates to Kozol 's essay. The lack of funding at my elementary school was appalling. With no real doctor on campus, and a very real peanut allergy, I had to watch myself carefully at lunchtime. Many snacks given out by the school included peanuts, and if I didn 't ask I wouldn 't be told they were included. Bathrooms were run down, and there was a lack of staff. It felt like each year there were less teachers, and sometimes the school couldn 't afford substitute teachers and would lump multiple classes together. If my school had more funding like the elite school in Anyon 's essay, the students at my working class school could have benefited because there could have been more teachers, and could have been prepared to become more than what their parents were, instead of being conditioned to be the same.

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