Analysis Of Jonathan Kozol's The Shame Of The Nation

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Jonathan Kozol was teacher and an author. He wrote a book called The Shame of the Nation. Kozel says this book isn’t supposed to make the readers comfortable, its about tradiagiy and return of schooling in America. Over the last fifteen years, the state of inner –city public schools has been in horrible and continuing decline says Kozel. Since the federal courts began dismantling the landmark ruling in Brown V. Board of education, segregation of black children has reverted to its highest level since 1968.
In many inner – city schools, a stick and – carrot method of behavioral control tradionally used in prisons is now used with students. Kozel has visited sixty schools over the past five years and says they are all very segregated. The most segregated school of children is located in New York. New York is the most segregated state in the nation. The schools that are segregated are a mixture of black and brown children according to Kozel.
There are eleven thousand children in public schools in Detroit. Out of those eleven thousand children, only twenty-six of them are white. Third graders wrote a paper to Kozel on what they think about their school day in and day out. The children wrote back how they have nothing. They don’t have a clean school or a clean place to study.
They don’t have a play ground to play on outside. Children wonder what its like to be able to have those nice things and go to a nice school like other children do. These kids had a reading class with no books. Chemistry labs with no chemicals and a computer lab where kids would sit around and talk about what they would do if they did have computers.
They had rats in there class. Kids wrote books about how there school was so dirty they would find rats everywhe...

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...ok forward to waking up and going to a dirty school. They don’t want to be tested every day or not be able to get a seat in class because they don’t have enough.
These kids want to be able to go outside on the playground to play. They want to read a book in school and be able to learn and get an education but mot importantly they want to come to school. They should provide pre schools all over the world for these young children to start off at. No one wants to repeat a grade or go to school and be in the seventh grade at age sixteen.
Parents should try and help there kids with homework and help educate them as much as possible. These kids don’t need to be tested every to see if there smart or not. Test gives some of these children anxiety. You can’t learn if you are giving them test every day. You need to give them material to cover and to learn form it day by day.

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