10 Eco-Friendly Tips for Sustainable Gardening Essay

10 Eco-Friendly Tips for Sustainable Gardening Essay

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In today's grim economy and moving forward into an uncertain future, an increasing number of people have started using organic gardening as a means to grow some of their own food. While this was once a common practice during the Victorian era, organic gardening has made quite the come back in the past couple of years. In fact, Americans all across the country are taking advantage of everything from vacant lots to their own backyards.

Sustainable gardening is a perfect method of supplying your household with healthy, organic fruits, vegetables and eggs too! Not only is it more economical to grow these types of food, but it's simple and easy.

The following list of tips is meant to help guide you along your quest to start a sustainable garden.
Convert your yard into a sustainable garden by eliminating some of your lawn. If you decide to go this route, you will save tons of time that would have been spent on mowing and maintaining your lawn.

To do this, simply begin the process of whittling away your grass and then replace it with trees, ground cover, mulch and shrubs. Try your best to create gentle curves as you cut and remove the grass, to avoid backing up your lawn mower. As you carry out this step, you will eventually notice that your mowing time has been reduced to a fraction of what it was before.

You may want to try using a plant like fern or even hardy ground covers beneath the trees you plant. As you complete the process, the need for fertilizer will be eliminated and the remaining grass will naturally grow in the right places.
Use a container to collect rain water for use in your garden. Nothing beats natural rain water when it comes to nourishing your garden and bringing it to life.

There are several t...

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...r fruit, then park your coop in that area for a while to let the hens start clearing and fertilizing for you! After they have finished, simply move the coop to another part of your garden.

Just remember to allow them some time to roam free within the garden for at least a few hours each day as well. They are great for eating insects and seeds that grow into weeds, enhancing the health of both your garden and the chickens.

If you choose not to get chickens for your garden, then you can try this method instead: once the fall season has started, start gathering a layer of coffee grounds, newspaper, grass clippings, manure, hay, table scraps and other compostable materials. Form the layer of compost over the grass in the area you plan on planting your garden.

By doing this, you will end up with a great planting bed to start with once Spring rolls around.

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