Importance Of Soil In Soil Science

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The physical property of clay are of extreme importance in soil science. Plant growth, and hence crop production, within any environmental condition is largely controlled by soil structure which results from reactions involving clay. The active clay material in .soil, particularly in combination with small amounts of organic matter, exerts a tremendous effect on soil properties. This effect may be on structure (the arrangement of soil particles), or on consistence (the response of the soil to mechanical manipulation). Where structure is favorable soil grains are clumped together into effectively larger aggregates so that soils have a more open arrangement and water and air can move freely and roots function normally. Where structure is unfavorable, soils tend to be heavy and impervious, and both the physical and chemical properties of the soil become unfavorable for plant growth. Soils which are low in clay,…show more content…
The physical properties of soil control the supply of water and air (and to a certain extent, nutrients) to the plant roots and also modify the environment in which roots grow and function. Since roots grow in spaces between soil particles or granules, and water and air are supplied to the root by movement through these pore spaces, soil porosity is an extremely important characteristic. When porosity is favorable water and air can move freely and plant roots find a favorable environment. "Where pores are small, strong capillary forces tend to keep them filled with water so that air cannot diffuse freely. Obviously, where pores are discontinuous or sealed off at the surface free movement of water and air would be restricted. The physical characteristics of the soil are largely controlled by reactions in which clay plays a leading part. Clay is the active part of the soil both chemically and physically. In a soil where content of clay is low
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