Why Should People Keep Chickens?

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I have always been drawn to chickens since I was a little girl. It was only in my thirty’s that I first came in to contact with chickens on a farm. You would think that a city girl like me would be afraid, nope, I went right in to feed and sat in chicken poop. No one told me I shouldn’t sit in the coop and feed them, but I was fine with it, they calm me. Each year I keep telling myself I will move when I can have my chickens. I will cover the difference between meat and egg layers. I will discuss the different ways to home them, and keep them safe. Why should people keep chickens at all? In this research paper I will go over the information that I have read and how I feel personally about raising and keeping chickens in your back yard. The…show more content…
One reason most have them is for the eggs, chickens produce about 1 egg a day depending on the breed. When you raise your own chickens you control what they eat and they give you wonderful eggs in return. Most people think it is the same as a egg we buy at the market, well it isn’t. If you have ever had a farm fresh egg you will not want to buy store eggs again. The eggs that you buy at the market are from farms, but mass production farmers. These poor chickens are bred just to provide eggs; they usually are in a box/cage or a room with many, many other chickens. Feed only a mix that is usually the cheapest, no bugs, no grass. I mean the eggs are “normal”. They get shipped to a warehouse where they sit and wait to be shipped to markets all over. They have a expiration date because FDA requires it. Fresh eggs can sit on the counter without refrigeration for weeks, as long as they are not fertilized. A chicken that has access to a run with bugs, worms, grass, treats they get a little extra, so they produce an egg that has a deep yellow/orange yolk. It is so much tastier than a store bought egg. Chickens can also be considered a pet, me I picture myself with a cup of tea sitting outside near my garden with the hens roaming around. Like I would my dogs or cats, they will come up to you; kids can even pick them up

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