Planning, Planting and Taking Care of a Garden

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As a child I remember my mother was always busy at work in her garden. It was full of lush red cherry and big boy tomatoes so, juicy and sweet that I could pick them right off the bush and eat it. I would eat so many of these lovely succulent round balls of red that my mouth would start to feel the pain from the acid in the tomatoes. She grew everything from a variety of vegetables so tasty to flowers so beautiful they would take my breath away. I could not wait for springs arrival, just to help her cultivate our summer gardens.

The types of gardens I plant are flowers, vegetable, and herbs. There are plants that love to reside in the shade and plants that love the sun. One of the trendiest gardens to plant is the Salsa garden. The necessary vegetables these beds are the early girl tomato for their sweet, juicy taste, also added are tri-colored peppers, red, yellow and green. In keeping with tradition you need to add Jalapeño pepper to your garden for its bite of heat. Last but not least it’s the Cilantro that adds the authentic flavor to any Salsa.

In early March I wait for the wintry snow-covered land to melt and the days very slowly warm with the spring weather. Each day that passes I see the light peaks of green fingers slowly making their way up through the dead foliage left over from the cruel and cold winter. The trees too are showing signs of spring with their buds covering the trees and bushes, in just a few long weeks the buds will start to pop and show the initial sign of spring.

A landscaping plan is a must practical design that flows. The choice of plants can offer beautiful displays throughout the growing season, research each plant and discover how what it takes to have a success garden. I hav...

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...he Basil is my favorite for its unique fragrance and versatile use. This lovely herb is used mostly in Italian cooking; it wouldn’t be Italian unless you add the Basil. Fresh herbs add so much more flavor to a dish and a healthily alternative to salt. Some of the other Herbs I plant for their flavor are Rosemary, Sage, Parsley, Thyme, Chocolate mint, Cilantro.

Planning, planting and taking care of my gardens can be a full-time job, but it is a loving habit that I look forward to visiting daily. I try to plant a new perennial each season, this type of flower returns every year and it often multiplies. I usually split these plants year after year and have many varieties without having to spend a lot of money to get your gardens growing. I like to include annuals too; these do not return yearly but it adds beauty and variety to my great collection of flowers.

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