E Commerce : Business Eco System And Their Way Of Operations Essay

E Commerce : Business Eco System And Their Way Of Operations Essay

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E-commerce is the lingo for the Electronic commerce, which has completely transformed the business eco system and their way of operations. All types of electronic transactions, selling, buying and all sorts of market places which have a footprint on internet would fall under E-commerce. Amazon, eBay etc. are the few among the big names which are quite successful in this sector.
Since the development of the World Wide Web in the early 1990s, hypertext markup language (HTML) has been the primary coding language for displaying documents in the web browser. However, for a website operator there are several significant disadvantages in managing a HTML site. The HTML’s objective is to present the content that would render in the browser. In this way HTML presents a “static” medium which is not engaging with the end user and thus limits the options for the interactive and personalized experience. Updating the content in websites built on HTML can be cumbersome. They have to follow numerous processes such as, locating/ retrieving files from different sources and servers, updating the files either manually or HTML program, performing the quality analysis for the updated content and finally upload the files to the web server. The modifications made in the process might affect the other parts of the website which needs our attention and thus increase the risk of publishing unfinished work.
Beginning in the mid 1990’s, a new way for presenting webpages emerged which involved static HTML presentation with dynamic scripting languages. The development of the Common Gateway Interface (CGI), which set standards for interfacing static HTML documents with external applications including interconnectivity to databases, opened wide opportunities for ...

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... situations of heavy traffic, the server may crash and thus leads to the denial of service. Which means the user cannot access the service of the application. Duplication of the website is also one of the challenges. Government, billing agencies and other nonprofit organizations are more vulnerable for these kinds of attacks. It is very hard for the end user to judge, whether it is the official website or not. Especially in the case if we take the help of search engine to find the URL. The customer may share personal information, pay the bills or make donations and those websites do not have any accountability. These issues can be overcome by using HTTPS protocols and various other cryptographic methods. Usage of web applications is inevitable in this present technical age. But at the same time end user should also be aware of security issues bound in the E-commerce.

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