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Have you ever purchased any product on the Internet, used the Internet to collect information or data, or played computer games on the Internet? You must agree that it is fast, easy, and enjoyable. The Internet has been a part of our daily life for several years now. In addition, in the business world, a new business model, E-business and E-commerce, has appeared for several years. According to Ali, there are two main types of E-commerce: B2B and B2C (2000). One is business to business (B2B). This means that enterprises use the Internet to transact or trade between business operations and their partners. Another is business to consumer (B2C). In other words, enterprises provide products, support good, and services to the customers on the Internet. is a famous Internet retail company in E-commerce. Its business includes B2B and B2C. It opened its business in July 1996. Today, has expanded its business in more than two hundred and twenty countries and this company sells various products like electronics, books, music, DVD, House wares, PCs and cars ( Announces 4th Quarter Profit 2002). It is the biggest retail store in E-commerce. Even though owns these accolades, this company is struggling to survive. had a $19 billion market value before its stock prices decreased from $75.25 to $9.25 (German, 2001). The problem is that Amazon still has not made real profits since it opened. How to help keep standing on the stage? If wants to survive in E-business and start making real profits, should merge with other retail companies, operate a new E-business strategy, and rebuild its financial structure.
Everyone is wondering when will start making real profits. Last year, their stock price went down from $76 to $14 (Hahn & Celarier, 2001). Moreover, lost almost $150 million last year ( announces 4th quarter profit, 2001). How can start making real profits? Hahn & Celarier suggests that should merge with other retail companies such as General Growth Properties, Wal-Mart, and Bertelsmann because the merger will expand their market share, and create a new passageway and increase new customers and products , and recover their cash and Net sales loss (Fitch, 2000).
First of all, the merger will help expand the market ...

... middle of paper ... a good system or body in E-commerce.
Since the so-called internet bubble burst in April 2000, hundreds of dotcom companies have closed because of the recession of E-commerce (Misek, 2003). According to Seewald, ¡§That trend is expected to continue this year as chemical companies continue to cut back on external spending¡¨ (2001). E-business seems like a bomb for investors and customers because the speed of collapse is very fast. No one knows which company will disappear in E-business. Even though is an E-commerce Pioneer, and it earned $1.12 billion last quarter, compared with $972 million in the fourth quarter in 2000, and has $19 billion market value ( Announces 4th Quarter Profit 2002), it is also struggling to survive in the E-commerce world. Unless merge with other retail companies, practice new E-commerce strategy, and rebuild its financial structure, it will not be eliminated through competition in the E-commerce. Marking profits is the most important for company, especially for If exercises these proposals presented in this paper, it will overcome its challenges and weaknesses, and then start making real profits.
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