The Driving Force of Alexander Hamilton Essay

The Driving Force of Alexander Hamilton Essay

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Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton remains to be one of America’s most important people. Not only was he the first secretary of the treasury of the United States, he also was one of America’s founding fathers. Hamilton believed that a strong central government should rest on a solid financial foundation. The creation of the first national bank was to support this idea. He also served in the American army under George Washington. Hamilton also had established good relations with the British which resulted in foreign trade. “He conceived and started “The Federalist” and wrote most of those famous essays which riveted the attention of the country, furnished the weapons of argument and exposition to those who "thought continentally" in all the states, and did more than any thing else toward the adoption of the constitution.”(virtualology, paragraph 20) Hamilton created a system of tariffs which was believed to help relieve national and state debts. He then became the leader of the federalist party. Alexander Hamilton had many accomplishments in his life as a result of many various factors. But the most important trait that Hamilton possessed was his ambition

Alexander Hamilton was born in Charlestown, Nevis, in the Leeward Islands. Nevis was a part of the British West Indies. His mother had previously been married to a German Jewish merchant planter who caused her to be unhappy. To get out of this marriage she fled to St. Kitts, leaving her son behind. At St. Kitts, she has met James Hamilton, Alexander’s father. As a result of the two never being legally married, Hamilton’s education had suffered. He was denied permission to go to an English church school, which offered the best education. He was forced to go to a private ...

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...ny honorable traits. Unfortunately, his death would not come from natural causes. Alexander Hamilton was involved in a duel with Aaron Burr, the vice president, that he would ultimately lose and it would take his life. “At first glance, the storied Hamilton-Burr duel seems an aberrant, if fascinating, episode in early American history. We prefer to savor the glorious deeds of the Revolution or the resonant words of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. But the truth is that the 1790's and early 1800's were a period of glittering political malice and fierce personal attacks.”(Ron Chernow, Paragraph 2) Of the many traits that Hamilton possessed, ambition is the adjective that made him what he was. Throughout all of the events of his life, it was ambition that gave him the drive to overcome them, succeed and get to the place that he wanted to end up.

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