Essay about The Dream Act Of Attending College

Essay about The Dream Act Of Attending College

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For many, this does not become reality until they attempt to apply for these benefits, and are informed they are not eligible to receive benefits because they are not citizens of the United States. Officials realized that there was a flaw in the systems that denied basic civil rights to young adults who had spent most of their lives in this country. The DREAM Act is the legislation that was intended to support this group by providing undocumented students the equal educational rights, and to protect their human rights by providing a way for them to become citizens of the country they were raised in. However, the DREAM Act has not become reality to many and is still just a dream, and even if it did pass it is easy to see the flaws it as.
The road of attending college can seem impossible to many undocumented students because of the challenges they have to overcome when making this decision. The fear of deportation and lack of financial support prevents thousands from attending college annually. The DREAM Act was initially proposed by Republican Senator Hatch Orin and was an effort to provide citizenship to the millions of undocumented students and support for those who desire to attend college by allowing them to receive the financial benefits provided to all Americans who wish to attend college. The legislation is vital to the success of an entire generation that falls into this category, and if this bill is going to pass most Americans are going to have to change their opinions about undocumented students. As cited by Corrunker (2012), “the twenty-first centuries seems to be the global persecution, criminalization, and prosecution of immigrants”. As a nation, many are more focused on getting them out, even though...

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...udents are not able to receive the same support as their peers. Some states have begun to allow some of the benefits to undocumented students and the results speak volume. Bozick and Miller (2014), state “Mexican-born non-citizen youth living in states that grant in-state tuition benefits to undocumented youth are 65 % more likely to be enrolled in school than their peers living in states with no explicit policy”. Understanding this it is the obligation of congress to pass a bill that will ensure educational equality to all. It is also the responsibility of all social workers to ensure this cause is not forgotten. As general practitioners we are tasked to advocate for social and economic justice to ensure that all people have the same rights, and until this bill is passed undocumented student will continue to suffer while being denied equal educational rights.

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